Mortgage Calculators

A home loan or mortgage calculator is a tool that allows you to work out the different financial implications of changes to one or more aspects in a mortgage arrangement. Mortgage calculators can be used by you the home buyer to determine the monthly repayments, and by the mortgage, providers to assess your financial suitability when applying for a home loan.

The decision to buy a new home is one of the most important stepping stones in life. You will probably need to get a loan. Check out some of the home loan calculators to help you work out the difference in prices on offer from several mortgage brokers in your country. After all, this is something that will probably affect your monthly budget for many years to come. So it is essential to make sure you do some due diligence first and make sure you are getting the best deal.

The main factors in a home loan calculation include loan principal, the balance, the periodic compound interest rate, the number of payments per year, the total number of payments, and the regular payment amount. Some of the more complex calculators also take into account the additional costs associated with a mortgage, such as the local and state taxes, including the cost of insurance payments.

home loan mortgage calculator

Home Loan or Mortgage Calculators Calculators By Country

A selection of mortgage and home loan calculators by country, to help you calculate the affordability of refinancing your current house or purchasing a new home.

United States (US)

Home loan and mortgage calculators from the most popular American mortgage providers.

Canada (CA)

Canadian home loan and mortage calculators from the most popular mortage providers in Canada.

United Kingdom (UK)

Home loan and mortage calculators from the leading banks banks and building societies in the UK.

Ireland (IE)

Home loan and mortage calculators from mortage providers in Ireland.

Australia (AU)

Australian home loan and mortage calculators from the best mortage providers in Australia.

New Zealand (NZ)

Home loan and mortage calculators from the most reputable mortage providers in New Zealand.

If you do not see a home loan calculator for your country listed here. Please contact us, and we shall consider adding one to help people in your country who are looking to secure a mortgage.

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